Sulphur Black

  • Sulphur Black BR

    Sulphur Black BR

    Black is one of the highest volume shade dyed on cotton & synthetic textile material having all time great demand especially for casual wear (denims & garments). Amongst all the classes of dyestuffs, Sulphur black is an important class of dye for the colouration of cellulosics, being into existence for nearly a hundred years.

    The good fastness properties, cost effectiveness & ease of applicability under different processing conditions exhaust, semi-continuous and continuous make it one of the most popular dyestuffs. Further, a wide choice of selection of various forms conventional, leuco and solubilised form is the major factor contributing to the continuous existence & ever-increasing demand for this class of dyestuff.

  • Sulphur Black BR liquid

    Sulphur Black BR liquid

    Liquid dyes are expedient forms for delivery of color into your application. This eliminates dye dusting or clouding while processing of your products, as well as being easier and typically safer to work with. These dyes take no time or efforts to attain fabulous full-color dyed fabric.

  • Sulphur Black B

    Sulphur Black B

    Appearance Bright-black flake or grain. Insoluble in water and alcohol. Soluble in sodium sulfide solution as green-black colour. Items Indices Shade Similar to standard Strength 200 Moistness,% ≤6.0 Insoluble matters in the solution of sodium sulfide, % ≤0.3 Uses Mainly used dyeing on cotton, viscose, vinylon and paper. Storage Must be stored in dry and ventilated. Prevent from direct sunlight, moisture and hot. Packing Fiber bags inner-lined with plasti...