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Color & Chem Pakistan EXPO


Color & Chem Expo is an exclusive event to provide comprehensive and high quality services to chemicals, dyes and allied industry to establish a brand, develop new markets and drive sales. Color & Chem Expo 2019 also gives an insight into the emerging business opportunities of these sectors. Foring has taken part in this EXPO for four times. In the meeting of exhibitors, Foring made a speech about Sulphur Black Market Size 2020. The speech talked about Sulphur Black industry analysis by revenue, regions, development, share and tendencies.

Sulphur Black has many advantages. The good fastness properties, cost effectiveness & ease of applicability under different processing conditions exhaust, semi-continuous and continuous make it one of the most popular dyestuffs.

Character - high tinctorial value, good solubility & better penetration

Performance excellent level dyeing, high build-up & shade consistency

Properties high light, wash & perspiration fastness. Moderate crocking & poor Chlorine fastness (advantageous in Denim washing)

Further, a wide choice of selection of various forms conventional, leuco and solubilised form is the major factor contributing to the continuous existence & ever-increasing demand for this class of dyestuff.The world textile Dyestuffs market is expected to reach US $ 5.9 bil in 2010, with a CAGR - 3.8 %. In the world market, Sulphur Dyes is expected to account a share of about 6%.

The first picture shows that Foring vice-president receives the model exhibitor trophy presented by the organizer in 4th Color & Chem EXPO. The second picture shows that 5th Color & Chem EXPO visitors come to our booth.

4th Color & Chem Pakistan EXPO 2018


5th Color & Chem Pakistan EXPO 2019


Post time: Jul-31-2020